Ryan & Tricia’s Ranch Wedding | Part 1 | Madera, CA

Once upon a time the socialite and the milkman fell in love.  Soon after they tied the knot.  Here is a glimpse into their very special day…

Alright, let me be a little more wordy.  Ryan is the milkman (seriously, he works on a dairy with… get this… REAL cows!) and Tricia is the socialite (truly, this girl is not shy in the very least!).  They might have one of the coolest stories around.  From one seeing the other on a social networking site, to finally meeting face to face (a few times without one really remembering any of the meetings) and finally, with God’s perfect timing, they met again at a Bible study and the rest is history.  Too vague?  Oh well, I’ll have to get permission from the bride and groom to be able to go in-depth… Wait, even better I’ll see if they’ll want to be guest bloggers and tell their own story!  How great would that be? 🙂

There is so much goodness in this wedding that I’ve decided to break it down into a few small posts… believe me, the wait is worth it!  For this first draft we have a few small details of their wedding day along with the bride and groom getting ready.  Mind you, in this series they had not laid eyes on one another.  That happened at the very emotional, fantastically perfect ceremony (stay tuned, the ceremony blog post shall come soon!).

Anyhow, here’s the beginning of the Iest wedding held in the far off country area of Madera, CA.

Photography: Jennifer Eileen
Caterer: Love & Garlic
Cupcakes: Denise Crosby
Rental: Classic Party Rentals
DJ: Juice Entertainment
Wedding Coordinator: Happily Ever After Bridal
Flowers: Brett Cooper & Kristin Price



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