Greetings! I’m Jen Turner and most people simply call me by my full name or just JT. I thought maybe you’d want to know a little about me so here’s some info for you…

  • I grew up on a fruit farm and loved it
  • I love salads, fancy ones
  • I love to bake and sometimes wish that I had my own bakery that was super cute and fun
  • A goal in my life is to glorify God in all I do
  • I think reading is fantastic but mysteries, thrillers, and such get me a little sick and panicky
  • Romantic comedies are sure enjoyable at the movies
  • Cereal makes me smile, especially Trader Joe’s Toasted Honey O’s or Hemp Plus
  • I would rather hangout and play games with friends then watch television
  • Peanut m&m’s are deee-licious!

Anyhow, there’s a little about me. I hope to learn a little about you and perhaps, one day very soon, our paths will cross, I’ll take your pictures, and the air around us will be filled with laughter.


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  1. Shaundra says:

    I love your work and am looking for a photographer to do an engagement shoot for my fiancé and me. What do you packages start at snd what do they include? Looking forward to hearing back. I love that all your engagement photos looked sooo natural!!

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